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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions and answers

How long will the repairs take?

Time needed by a vehicle to completely get repaired typically depends upon the level of repair required and availability of auto parts etc. Visit the shop and our technicians will carefully examine your vehicle and provide you with an accurate time estimate.

Is it really necessary to replace my timing belt at the recommended interval?

Yes! The failure of a timing belt in many cars can result in major engine damage. The cost of repairing an engine with a broken timing belt is much greater than the cost of a timing belt replacement.

What does it mean if my “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on?

There are many sensors and computerised components that manage your vehicle’s engine performance and emissions. When one of these fails, the “check engine” light is illuminated. Although your car may seem to run fine, it is important to have the issue addressed to prevent long-term problems.

When should I replace my car’s fuel filter?

To help ensure dependable, trouble-free performance, replace your car’s fuel filter approximately every 48,000 km’s or as recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

How often do I need an oil change?

While it’s true some vehicles need an oil change every five thousand clicks, others only require this service every 10 or even 15 thousand kilometers. It’s best to refer to your owners manual for recommended oil changes. Even if your vehicle requires a longer interval between oil changes you may still need to change out, Air filters, Fuel filters and check fluid levels. A good rule of thumb is to get your vehicle serviced twice yearly.

I have a new car; do I need to take it to a dealership for maintenance in order to keep my warranty valid?

No! Forget all about that old myth. As long as you follow the specifications given by the manufacturer (which can be found in your handy owner’s manual), your warranty is valid.

How does the quality of aftermarket parts compare with original equipment parts?

Some are manufactured by the same supplier and may even be warrantied longer than original equipment parts.

What parts should be replaced and at what intervals should these services be performed?

Check your owner’s manual. It will give you all of the information you need regarding specific parts and service intervals.

What do I have to do to keep my car or truck’s warranty in effect?

Make sure your vehicle is serviced at the intervals specified in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet and keep clear records of your vehicle’s maintenance. If you have a service log in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet, we highly recommend that you use it.

Do I have to use the manufacturer’s original equipment parts to keep my warranty valid?

You may use any brand-name quality parts to replace fan belts, hoses, brakes, exhaust or chassis parts and more.