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Performance Remap Specialists

Through our partnership with Celtic Tuning, VA Auto provides specialist services in performance and economy tuning. We are able to provide all stages of tuning from economy tuning right up to Stage 3 full custom conversions.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, VA Auto is able to assist with electronic engine enhancement. 

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and ensure it’s at the forefront of our operations. With reliability, drivability and satisfaction being our target we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer.

If you want to put your foot flat on the accelerator pedal and have your vehicle feel like a rocket, VA Auto can help to increase this feeling, while saving you fuel. Contact us for a quote on a remap on your vehicle.

Performance Software

Super Chip

Celtic Tuning writes/develops their own software in house which gives us endless flexibility to provide you (the customer) with the exact results you are looking for from your ECU Remap. A Celtic Tuning super chip can provide you with all stages of upgrade from basic ECU Remap right up to full engine conversions.

Chip Tuning

Chip tuning is the original definition of what modern day ECU Remapping has become. Chip tuning requires the removal of the Eprom from the ECU and the software is programmed to the chip on the bench. The software inside the chip is what is referred to as remapping, i.e. altering the standard software within a chip. Chip tuning has become less and less prevalent in the market place as OBD remapping has taken place enabling remapping to be done via the OBD port. They are essentially exactly the same thing, only OBD port remapping is less intrusive and requires no removal or opening of the ECU. As electronics have advanced further, the latest generation of ECU’s have what is referred to as a locked TriCore processor. This in basic terms has removed the ability to flash software via the OBD port and the only method available is to open the ECU and remap via direct connection. It is much less invasive than chip tuning as you do not remove the Eprom, the only downside is opening of the ECU for warranty purposes.

We work on all ages of ECU from the early EDC’s requiring chip tuning right the way through to modern MEDC17 locked tricore processor ECU’s with tuner protection.

All of our software is dyno developed and logged to ensure engine parameters are accurately monitored for the following:

Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’s)

It is important to ensure optimum AFR is achieved in order to ensure that stoichiometric mixture. This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running lean or rich fuel mixture. This is also important in ensuring that your engine is MOT compliant.

Boost Pressure

It is important that correct boost pressure control is achieved to ensure that no spikes or dips occur to ensure maintained life of the turbo charger. A spike in the boost delivery can cause over-boosting which pressurises the compressor to a level beyond its tolerance.

Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

When increasing the fuelling and boost pressures of an engine it naturally increases the EGT. It is important to log the EGT of an engine as there is a crucial limit which shouldn’t be surpassed to ensure maintained longevity. This is a good tool in monitoring the efficiency of uprated intercoolers etc.

Injector Duty Cycles (IDC)

This is crucial to know the fuelling limitation of the injector. On some modern cars we are seeing injectors with 100% IDC from standard meaning there is no room for further modification without upgrading the injectors (this is rare however). If it was a turbo application, and the boost pressure was raised, due to there being no additional fuel available, it would cause the engine to run lean and potentially melt your pistons.

As a result of fine monitoring and adjustment to our super chip, we are able to provide safe and reliable tuning solutions to both customers and other tuning companies. We will not operate outside of the engines capabilities on standard components as your vehicles reliability is as important to us as it is to you.

We work on all ages of ECU from the early EDC’s requiring chip tuning right the way through to modern MEDC17 locked tricore processor ECU’s with tuner protection.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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audi and vw repairs
audi and vw repairs
audi and vw repairs
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audi and vw repairs

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What Our Customers Say

5 star rating mechanic midrand

So accommodating, the best service. Will never go elsewhere if I can help it. Jade, you’re the best!!!

Caroline Platz

5 star rating mechanic midrand

These guys really know their stuff , received great advice on my vehicles problems and they services and repaired my car in the same day , quality workmanship at affordable prices , thanks Owen and Steven !

Phil Robinson

5 star rating mechanic midrand

Excellent Service, Very good price and turn around time. They replaced my Golf MKV GTI radiator and gave me a good price and finished the job so Quick. If you need someone you can trust with your VW and Audi’s , it’s these guys. Professional and great service

Christopher Pillay

5 star rating mechanic midrand

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and praise the staff and management of VA Auto Repairs, an overheating issue was diagnosed within a few hours, the problem fixed and I took delivery of the car in the day. A special thank you to Jade who went above and beyond. I have been a client for years and will continue to support this business and keep recommending them to friends and family. K.

Kgomotso Boshomane